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200g Natural Suncreem

Natures complete gentle natural suncreem 100% natural 100% pure - Product of New Zealand

Key Benefits :

  • 100% Natural Organic Suncreem & Aftersun Lotion (2 in 1 product)
  • Suitable all skin types. Safe for all the family
  • Contains 5 active sun reflectors/protectors
  • Ingredients: Calcium Bentonite Clay, Raspberry Oil, Sesame Oil, Beeswax, Zinc, Vitamin E, Eucalyptus, Optiphen, Emulsifying Wax, Water
  • Spreads smoothly and easily leaving no white residual. Natural healing cream. Relieves itchy bites and stings. Apply regularly. Avoid contact with eyes.

Additional Description  :

  • Pure South’s 100% natural suncreem is very popular - firstly because it is natural, also because it works and is easy to apply.
  • Pure South Suncreem is a physical (not chemical) suncreem – it reflects the harmful rays away from the skin like a temporary coat of armour.
  • It contains 5 active sun deflector/protectors – Calcium Bentonite deflects radiation – Raspberry Oil  – Sesame Oil  – Zinc reflects – Vitamin E is antioxidant protecting against free radicals, and is an emollient protecting cell membranes from light-induced damage.
  • The zinc particle size is 0.1um – 0.3um therefore it is classified as micronised. (Particles less than 0.1um are considered nanosized). This is a very good zinc source.


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